As the organizer of probably the two most important events of the Swiss electronic scene, Headfun have been specializing in communication strategies and original concept aiming to promote musical and pluridisciplinary projects. They have built strength out of it, equally in terms of media relations as on the field or on the web but also in terms of digital and paper communication supports.

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Often cited as a reference, Headfun has been rewarded many times for its innovative communication concepts, especially for Electron Festival, which was crowned of “Prix des Créatifs Romands” in 2011 (Categories «Campagne 360°») and in 2014 (categories «Affichage Culturel» and «Outdoor Guerilla»), also as «Gold Award in Design» and of «Bronze Award in Creative Media» during the “ADC Switzerland in 2015.

Its knowledge and experience on the field, Headfun fun team puts it at your service for all your projects, suggesting the key elements for a targeted promotion of your events: ID of the event to promote, needs and target; tailored on line and offline media campaign; press files and press release edition; media and journalist close ties; press conference organisation; creation of communication tools; display campaign; flyers and brochures distribution in chosen locations; goodies; street marketing; tailored online campaign (web agendas, social medias; …)


For your events to be in the centre of musical and culture news, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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