Electron Festival

Since 12 years, Electron Festival has set itself as THE electronic gathering in Switzerland, thanks to an innovative artistic step, being creatively on point which finds popularity beyond the Swiss borders.



The DNA of the festival is synthetized in its will to give a full render of electronic and art culture, captivate the actual artistic streams and retranscribe it in full and complete line-up for a large and curious public. With a fine dose of head liners and new comers, swiss or international, the artistic line is built with a spirit inspired by originality, discovery, putting artists forward exploring new trends that are yet little known by the large public.

Definitely urban and multidisciplinary, the event invests each year during the easter week-end, about 10 venues in centre of Geneva and offers a unique artistic line-up from DJ sets to live performances, exclusive collaborations, dance shows, movies, conferences, Vjings, contemporary arts. The main objective of the festival is to encourage original creation and therefor exclusive productions, joining dance, live music, interactivity and new technologies.

Each year, over 100 artists make Geneva move to lilting rhythms of electronic cultures weather in the heart of the festival including Usine to Palladium, or in other more intimate and specialized venues like LaFonderie, la Gravière or la Halle W.

Since its creation in 2004, Electron Festival has welcomed more than 177’000 guests.


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Electron Festival | twelfth edition |2-5 April 2015