Beyond confirmed artists, Headfun often invites artistes to perform on their scenes, embodying a kick-start for a whole generation of Swiss artists who benefit of a particular visibility during Electron Festival, who dedicate them 40% of its line-up.

Besides, Headfun engages itself and daily works to promote local artists, within its exchange programs and collaborations with national and international structures, initiated in 2009 with the name “Swiss Connexion”.

Under the tab «Swiss Connections» you will find a complete panorama of Headfun’s activities to help the local scene to export and also different events where Headfun sent ambassador artists perfom in Switzerland or abroad.


You want to support the Swiss scene? Don’t hesitate to send us your ideas.


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Black Week-end Tour & Electron Pre-party |1st March 2013

Electron Festival | fourth edition | 5-8 April 2007